Speaking to Councillor William McCandless this evening he said “Today I was privileged to attend the launch of a short film called “ The blame game “ produced by local teenagers. This will be released on YouTube in the next few days. I was extremely proud of the young people who took time to produce this and to highlight this social problem in our community.

This was produced in partnership with Rutledge and Headliners. Speaking to Roisin Laverty student advisor for Rutledge and Audrey Mullan journalist and project worker with Headliners who jointly worked with the teenagers on this venture they told me of the enthusiasm within the group to highlight the problem of underage drinking in Coleraine.

Some of the young people involved are as young as ten and it is a frightening revelation.
Two of my councillor colleagues Stephanie Quigley and Russell Watton were in attendance with me and they were equally appreciative of the short film.

The film shows interviews with the PSNI who have corroborated that they have found some children as young as ten under the influence of alcohol.

Taking alcohol for teenagers and younger children can place them at increased risk of physical and social harm. Alcohol poisoning, accidents and injuries, disturbed sleep, brain development, disruption to education, mental health, liver damage and vulnerability.

Anderson Park was one of the areas mentioned as a venue so I would appeal to all public spirited members of the community to be vigilant and if they notice incidents of underage drinking particularly with young children please notify the PSNI.”


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